Victims of Arson Want to Thank Fire Department With $1million Goal on Go Fund Me Page

Denton County Texas

Thank you Denton County Fire Department. You are the forgotten heroes of families like mine.

You saved my dogs life. My baby’s life. I wish I had a million dollars to show you how grateful I am.

My three year old German Shepard is alive and safe thanks to you.

Thank you Denton County Fire Department For Saving Rocky


We are going to donate a portion of our total donations from our go fund me page to the charity of your choice to thank you for saving Rocky’s life.7050109_1472418149.3271.jpg

Would you trust CPS to take YOUR child? POLL RESULTS ARE IN


Is Obama setting himself up to be the LAST U.S. PRESIDENT

What Kind of World Are We Giving Our Children?

Have you stopped your busy routine recently and just taken a good look around at the world today?  I mean REALLY looked around.  If not, you might want to.

There’s a lot going on, and if you are too busy to pay attention to anything other than the mainstream media and the water cooler talk at the office, then you may think that everything is going good, minus a little money issues here and there.

You may miss the fact that our economy is on the verge of collapsing, which would mean that the hard-earned dollar you’re working for to pay your mortgage with will become worthless overnight.  Your mortgage will foreclose, and homes be taken. You won’t be able to access your bank accounts.  Your IRAs will be worthless, etc. etc.

And the weather?

Its much more than just global warming!!  All of the natural disasters are NOT  from the hair spray that you used in the 80’s blowing holes in the ozone.

Is Obama setting himself up to be the LAST U.S. PRESIDENT?

First off…

If you care about your safety…Stop what you’re doing right now…

…and watch this short independent documentary with the door shut.

Because it exposes how our Church Leaders are involved in the biggest cover up of Obama’s presidency….


Don’t take this lightly…

The corporate elites and other insiders are all preparing for what they call “The End Times”

And when you watch this short documentary you’ll understand why.

Click here to see why…

The other day I was talking to a democrat at a show I was invited. He mocked the general concern about Obama being the next Adolf Hitler, arguing : “This could never happen here.  Congress and the Supreme Court would never allow the rise of dictatorship on U.S. soil.”

This cancer of thought has eaten away more than 3 quarters of all Americans who fail to see that Obama is almost there, just a few executive orders away from being an absolute ruler.

When he took office, almost 7 years ago, he issued a form of executive action known as the presidential memorandum, using it ever since to take unilateral action even as he has signed fewer executive orders than any other U.S. president.

Like executive orders, presidential memoranda don’t require action by Congress. Some of his most totalitarian decisions have come not by executive order but by presidential memoranda.


Obama’s presidential mandate declares that he and his Secretaries have the authority to seize all transportation, energy, and infrastructure inside the United States as well as forcibly draft American citizens into the military.

Executive Order 11921 allows the FEMA to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit and flow of money in the U.S.A. financial institution in any undefined national emergency.

The word throughout Europe is that Barack Obama is not America’s savior, but the man who will take the United States into a new era of World Government.

When I heard on the news Russia is calling Obama the last American President, it sent a shivering chill down my spine.

The United States is now moving into some very dark territory and confidence has been shaken.

All that’s missing now from Obama’s plan is the right pretext to declare Martial Law and seize America and Americans in the blink of an eye.

According to this touching video that really blows the whistle on Obama’s secret plans, it looks like all that Obama is waiting for… is a declaration of war from Russia.

One thing is for sure, we are heading with lightning speed towards a war between the world’s most powerful dictators… Obama and Putin.

For the American citizen, it doesn’t matter who will win, our old way of life will be lost forever… and this incredible material explains it beyond a reasonable doubt.

What kind of world are we leaving our children to face?

We Americans have lived so long in a naive faith that the government is working on our side, truth is, its not. We are not free, and we’re losing our freedoms more and more very quickly through clandestine laws being passed by executive order, and by government agencies and online providers secretly spying on us in the name of advertising or “making our online experience more personal and rewarding”.  It goes way deeper than that.

Its the end-times, or so a lot of people believe.  Why do they believe that? Are they going by the bible and what was prophesied?  Many of the atheists are prepping, maybe out of fear?  Simply because of  the events going on around them.

The Catholic Church has had a long history of sinister secrets and violence. You may have heard of their major involvement in violent historical events like the Inquisition, Crusades, Excommunication and witch hunts.

These 3 modern day cover-ups prove the Church has not changed much during the years and is far from being an example of morality.

3. Nazi Gold In The Vatican Bank


In 1947, a US Treasury agent named Emerson Bigelow apparently penned a highly classified report which alleged that the Catholic Church had smuggled Nazi gold through the Vatican bank. Although the report itself has been lost, a letter written by Bigelow explained that it contained information from a reliable source revealing that the Nazi’s puppet Utashe regime in Croatia had smuggled around 350 million Swiss francs in gold out of the country at the end of the war.According to Bigelow, perhaps 200 million francs of this was briefly held in the Vatican bank for safekeeping.

Bigelow’s letter also referenced information that the gold had subsequently been funneled through the “Vatican pipeline” to Spain and South America, where it was used to help Nazi officials escape punishment for their crimes. The letter only came to light in 1997, after being declassified by the US government the year before. A spokesperson for the Vatican bank denied the claims, but the Catholic Church remains embroiled in lawsuits over its alleged laundering of Nazi gold.

In 2000, a class action lawsuit was brought by around 2,000 Holocaust survivors and relatives who sought restitution from the Vatican up to $200 million, using the Bigelow letter and other recently declassified documents to allege that the Vatican had improperly harbored gold stolen from Europe’s Jews. The suit has since stalled, with American courts split on whether the case can be tried in the US.

2. The Rwandan Genocide


The Rwandan genocide—the slaughter of the Tutsi minority and some Hutus by the Hutu majority—claimed an estimated 800,000 lives in only four months in 1994. As much as 20 percent of Rwanda’s population was senselessly killed, and about 70 percent of the Tutsi minority.

At the time of the genocide, the Catholic Church was called “the most powerful social institution in Rwanda.” Around two-thirds of the population of Rwanda is Catholic. Human rights groups and survivors’ groups claim the Catholic Church was complicit in allowing the genocide to occur, while some Catholic clergymen participated in the massacre themselves. In addition, the Catholic Church and its clergy have helped some of the perpetrators of the genocide flee Rwanda to escape persecution or shielded them from extradition.

An organized network of Catholic priests helped and protected the genocidal priests. The network smuggled the criminals out of Rwanda to Europe, where they could be sheltered from prosecution and even continue preaching in Catholic churches.

One such priest was Father Athanase Seromba. During the Rwandan genocide, Father Seromba told around 2,000 Tutsis that they could take refuge from the violence inside the church he operated. On April 6, 1994, when 2,000 of the Tutsis gathered inside, Seromba ordered the Church to be bulldozed with the Tutsis inside. After the Church was flattened, Father Seromba and his henchmen shot the remaining survivors.

After the genocide was stopped, Father Seromba fled Rwanda with the aid of a network of sympathetic clergymen. He continued to practice as a priest for the Catholic Church under a false name in a church near Florence, Italy. He went unnoticed until 2002, when he was uncovered by investigators working with the International Tribunal for Rwanda. The Chief Prosecutor for the tribunal claimed the Vatican had fought Father Seromba’s extradition to face his trial. The Vatican told the prosecutor that Father Seromba was “doing good works in Italy.”

Human rights advocates around the world have long called for the Catholic Church to apologize for its role in the Rwandan genocide and its aftermath. Thus far, the Catholic Church has not issued any such statement.

1. Hiding America’s True Place in History According to the Bible

Does it not seem odd to you that America, the greatest nation on Earth, the greatest evangelical Nation, the richest and the most powerful country today in not even mentioned in the Bible?

After all the church teaches that the Bible accurately predicts so many other historical events: the two world wars, man reaching outer space and the return of the Jews to their homeland after centuries of exile…

Dr. Nathan Shepard, a world renowned theology and archaeology scholar believes the Vatican is actively covering up one of the most important biblical prophecies hidden in the last chapters of the Bible.

Together with a small team of researches they have put together one of the most shocking independent documentaries exposing this sinister cover up.

According to Dr. Shepard the church was fully aware of this as 2009 but they chose to keep it under total secrecy. And there is a very good reason for that. You can watch their entire documentary here:

With the elections coming up, I worry about more to come up too.  Before the elections.

I wonder if Obama really plans to leave office at the end of this year? Why? Look at the alternatives that we have running for office – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?! Really?!

Hillary will most likely be indicted for her email scandal and Donald Trump? Really??  He’s a dog an pony show. A distraction.  He is a costumed clown.

Then, Ted Cruz –  – uh … whose that? Have we even really heard from him? Is he campaigning at all?

Lastly Bernie Sanders… little ole Jewish guy who wants to make sure we all eat, have homes, and electricity…. i kinda like him….

I think Obama is going to stay in office via martial law called in after some widespread event that causes riots or damage – such as storms.

I think something will happen, like the Charleston shooting – or a cyber-attack (supposedly) that takes down all the banks and food stamp cards, and people will panic and riot and loot and

wah-lah–martial law.

End of election.

Obama Stays.

Hillary goes to jail.  Trump goes home.

There is a change in religion.  It is all planned.

The elite get what they want – a New World Order.  One currency. One religion. Less people that eat and waste resources they want for themselves. ALOT less people – most of the people – gone.

History rhymes – remember that ….

Hitler killed millions with everyone watching after ciizerns voted him in – approving him in!  He pulled an old bait and switch.  The true narcissist rears his true personality and agenda after getting deep enough in  that they can’t reverse what he does.

Genocide. Agenda 21. Agenda 2030. The UN.

Decide for yourself what is going on.  What kind of world are we leaving as our legacy?  Is it too late to stop the events as they unfold?

Wake up.


Teaching children to Read and Write


Most parents, at one point or another, frets over the education and the development of their children. Many concerned parents research and seek information on the topic of teaching children to read and write. I for one, am glad to see so many parents wanting to get an early start for their children in reading and writing, because studies have shown that developing these abilities early on before entering school provides numerous benefits and advantages later on as the child progresses through school.

More worrisome should be the fact that over one third, 38% to be exact, of all grade 4 students cannot even achieve a basic level of reading ability according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). This is an alarming statistic. Will your child become one of the 38% who cannot reach basic reading achievement by grade 4? For most children, this poor ability to read can be easily prevented with early phonemic awareness teaching.

Reading must begin early in the life of a child, whether it is just an alphabet letter, a word, a sentence, a paragraph, or a story. Teaching children how to read must begin early on, and children should be exposed to books, stories, rhymes, and be read to on a daily basis. Children as young as 2 years old can learn to read if you teach them to read with the proper instructions. Please watch the video below of a 2 year 11 months old reading randomly constructed sentences.

As Lida Williams said, almost 100 years ago:

Phonics is not a method of teaching reading, but it is a necessary part of every good, modern method. It is the key to word mastery, and word mastery is one of the first essentials in learning to read. A knowledge of the sounds of letters, and of the effect of the position of the letter upon its sound, is an essential means of mastering the mechanics of reading, and of enabling children to become independent readers.

100 years later, this still holds true. There has been a great debate on what method of teaching is best to teach children how to read: whether phonics or the whole language method is better. The whole language learning to read method is more of a “word memorization” plan, where a young child is supposed to memorize the “shape” of the word, and say it.

It is important to distinguish the difference between phonological awareness andphonemic awareness. Phonological awareness is very broad, and includes phonemic awareness as a sub category. Phonemic awareness is very narrow, and it is only focused on the phonemes, which are the individual sounds of letters. There are no shortage of studies which have repeatedly found and concluded that teaching phonemic awareness to young children produces exceptional reading and spelling abilities. You can read more about research on phonemic awareness here.

The whole language method simply expects a child to “read” when presented reading material, and by memorizing sight words. The phonics method is a bottom up approach where you teach children to read in a logical and sequential order. You first teach children the alphabet letters and the sounds they represent; then you teach children to combine (or blend) various letter sounds together to form words; which is then followed by reading sentences and simple stories. This is a logical progression for children learning to read, where they develop accuracy in decoding words and pronouncing words. This method of teaching also helps the child to spell correctly.

There’s no doubt that phonics and phonemic awareness instruction is the superior method to teach children how to read. We have successfully used phonemic awareness instructions to teach our children at age 2 to read words, sentences, paragraphs, and simple story books. If you would like to learn about our simple, step-by-step method to teach your children to read and write, please click below:

Teach your child to read today using our step-by-step, proven method for teaching young children to read


One is to many…(remembering…)


Please take and have a  moment of silence for these children listed below,  and pray for these brave children that have given their life to this war.

All of these deaths have happened when the children were in the custody of the state – with the support of your tax dollars.  The government could do more to help in stopping this but first, they need to reminded that we remeber these children.  These are not just files, these are babies.
I want to announce that there is a holocaust going on in America today.

Please support us in stopping this.  If you know a child who died while in state care, please add it to this list in the comments.

This page is in memory of children who died after social service agencies removed them from the care of their parents, placing them with fosters, adopters, group homes, or psychiatric facilities.
(Source:Connecticut DCF Watch)

As you read this list, and cry for these innocent lives that are stolen from them, please do not forget that these are only children that died.

-This does not include the countless children that are abused in foster care that you never hear about.

-Also consider how many of these children were taken by mistake or as the result of false allegations.  

-How many of these children would be here with us today were it not for the mistakes of overzealous or negligent social workers/law enforcement officers? 

-How many of these children would be here were it not for the spite referral called in by embittered ex-spouses or in order to get standing in a custody battle?

-How many of these children were taken for reasons that could’ve been remedied with in-home services; such as substance abuse cases where no abuse/injury to the child existed or because poverty was confused with neglect?

How many of these children did not have to die?

ONE is too many!

1.. Genesis Acosta-Garcia, Las Vegas Nevada, three months old, November 19, 2005, septic shock

2.. Travis C Adams, Salem Oregon, August 8 2000, December 16 2002, wandered into creek

3.. Kayla Y Allen, Richlands North Carolina, November 10 1995 – August 24 2003, poison

4.. Martin Lee Anderson, Panama City Florida, fourteen years old, January 6 2006, beating/sickle cell

5.. Richard L (Ricky) Aragon, Albuquerque New Mexico, January 24 1991 – April 12 1993, battered

6.. Shirley Arciszewski, Charlotte North Carolina, April 19 1992 – September 11 2004, restraint 

7.. Miguel Humberto Arias-Baca, Westminster Colorado, two years old, February 2 1999, battered

8.. Ian August, Sevier Desert Utah, June 21 1988 – July 13, 2002, exhaustion

9.. Denzel Bailey, Los Angeles California,eleven months old, April 2001,malnutrition

10.. Jeffrey Baldwin, Toronto Ontario, December 20 1996 – November 30 2002,malnutrition/pneumonia

11.. Casey Paul Barrow, West Valley Utah,eighteen months old, October 22, 2003,battered

12.. Anthony Bars, Indiana, four years old, January 20 2004, starvation, battered

13.. Shelly Bash, Midland Michigan,eight years old, March 2005, transplant rejection

14.. Nadine Catherine Beaulieu, Dauphin Manitoba, twenty three months old, February 1996, battered

15.. Teddy Bellingham, Smiths Falls Ontario, sixteen years old, August 1992,beaten

16.. Jerome Bennett, Oshawa Ontario,fifteen years old, February 3 2006,homicide

17.. Maria Bennett, Lancaster Ohio, two years old, October 23, 2002, battered

18.. Modesto Blanco, Lubbock Texas,twenty two months old, March 2 2002,battered

19.. Christian Blewitt né sik, Halesowen England, three years old, December 2002,poison/battered

20.. Deondre Bondieumaitre, Florida,sixteen months old, April 16 2003,battered

21.. Timothy Boss, Remsen Iowa, ten years old, February 23 2000, battered

22.. Alex Boucher, New Port Richey Florida, January 25 1997 – September 25 2000, asphyxiation

23.. Ashley Boyd, LaFayette Georgia,twelve years old, December 13 2005, hit by car / suicide

24.. Kerry Brooks, Los Angeles California, nine years old, February 10 2001, suicide

25.. Talitha Brooks, Colorado, one year old, July 1998, heatstroke

26.. Amira Brown, Reading Pennsylvania, twelve years old, September 4 2005,battered / restraint 

27.. Diminiqua Bryant, Dothan Alabama,two years old, May 1999, battered

28.. Scott Buckle, Swansea Wales, twelve years old, February 6 2005, hanging

29.. Latasha Bush, Manvel Texas, January 2 1987 – February 28 2002, restraint

30.. Michael Buxton, Miami Oklahoma,five years old, July 5 1998, battered

31.. Eduardo Calzada, Bakersfield California, three months old, March 2004,battered

32.. Chris Campbell, Toledo Iowa, thirteen years old, November 2, 1997,restraint

33.. Gladys Campbell, Philadelphia/New Jersey, two years old, ca 1988

34.. Edith Campos, Tucson Arizona,fifteen years old, February 4 1998,restraint

35.. Latasha Cannon, Boston Massachusetts, seventeen years old, April 2001, slashed throat

36.. Mario Cano, Chula Vista California,sixteen years old, April 27 1984,untreated blood clot

37.. Joshua K Causey, Detroit Michigan, March 21 1998 – March 18 2003, battered

38.. Sherry Charlie, British Columbia,nineteen months old, September 4 2002,battered

39.. Sarah Angelina Chavez, Alhambra California, two years old, October 11 2005, battered

40.. Felix Chen, Bloomington Indiana, August 27 1997 – April 1 2004, treatment withheld

41.. Sky Colon Cherevez, Paterson New Jersey, three months old, August 6, 1998,battered

42.. Tiffany H Clair, Fort Worth Texas, September 6 1985 – May 4 2001, heroin

43.. Brian Clark, New Jersey, three years old, January 2002, untreated pneumonia

44.. Angelic Clary, Bakersfield California, three months old September 14 2003

45.. Roshelle Clayborn, San Antonio Texas, sixteen years old, August 18 1997,restraint

46.. Casey Collier, Westminster Colorado, seventeen years old, December 21 1993, restraint

47.. Desiree Collins, Los Angeles California, fourteen years old, February 10 2002, gunshot

48.. Nicholas Contreras, Queen Creek Arizona, January 15 1982 – March 2 1998,untreated infection

49.. Adrianna Cram, Veracruz Mexico (US supervision), August 25 2000 – June 13 2005

50.. Christopher Henry Cryderman, Springfield Missouri, July 27 2004 – November 22 2004, untreated infection

51.. Dirk D Dalton, Clarkston Washington, June 7 1989 – May 1 1994,battered

52.. Arieale Daniels, Naples Florida,fifteen years old, 1999, car crash

53.. Tajuana Davidson, Phoenix Arizona,three years old, November 3 1993, battered

54.. China Marie Davis, Phoenix Arizona, March 23 1991 – October 31 1993, battered

55.. Sabrina Elizabeth Day, Charlotte North Carolina, July 4 1984 – February 10 2000, restraint

56.. Tyler Jospeh DeLeon, Stevens County Washington, January 13 1998 – January 13 2005, dehydration

57.. Kameron Justin Demery, Long Beach California, two years old, October 14 1996, battered

58.. Connre Dixon, Ridgefield Township Onio eleven years old, October 18, 2004,stabbing

59.. Mark Draheim, Orefield Pennsylvania, October 10 1984 – December 11 1998,restraint

60.. Charmaria Drake, Cleveland Ohio,twenty months old, March 13 2003, battered

61.. Stephanie Duffield, Manvel Texas, July 14 1984 – February 11 2001, restraint

62.. Willie Lawrence Durden III, Citrus County Florida, seventeen years old, October 2005, unknown/died in cell

63.. Brian Edgar, Overland Park Kansas,nine years old, December 30 2002,asphyxiation

64.. William Edgar, Peterborough Ontario, thirteen years old, March 1999,restraint

65.. Tiffany Eilders, Rancho Cucamonga California, fourteen weeks old, December 7 2005, battered

66.. Kayla Erlandson, King County Washington, two years old, April 1991,battered

67.. Luke Evans, Lowell Indiana, sixteen months old, November 30 2001,malnutrition/battered

68.. Roberta (Berta) Evers, Bayfield Colorado, six years old, June 13 1998,restraint

69.. Sara Eyerman, California, twenty months old, ca 1986, untreated pneumonia

70.. Miranda Finn, Lake Butler Florida,nine years old, January 25 2006, traffic accident

71.. Laura Fleming, Palmdale California, October 11 2004 – November 21 2004, cause unknown

72.. Sarah Jane Forrester, Woodlawn Maryland, October 30 1985 – found May 13 1999, battered and stabbed

73.. Kameryn Fountain, Bibb County Georgia, two months old, November 20 2005,unknown cause

74.. Henry Gallop, Boston Massachusetts,two years old, 1987, poison

75.. Alexander Ganadonegro, Albuquerque New Mexico, March 10 1998, February 4 1999, battered

76.. Christening (Mikie) Garcia, Ingram Texas, twelve years old, December 4 2005,restraint

77.. Dylan George, Fremont California, April 16 2002 – October 4 2004, battered

78.. Corese Goldman, Chicago Illinois, two years old, 1995, drowning

79.. Mollie Gonzales, Jefferson County Colorado, ten years old, November 18 2002,drug overdose

80.. Julio Gonzalez, Glendale California, May 10 1995 – December 29 1996, battered

81.. Elizabeth (Lizzy) Goodwin, Coeur d’Alene Idaho, March 22 1996 – October 22 2002, drowning

82.. Anthony Green, Brownwood Texas, fifteen years old, May 12 1991, restraint

83.. Sabrina Green, New York City, nine years old, November 8 1997, burned and battered

84.. Lamar D Greene, Jacksonville Florida,sixteen years old, 2001, car crash

85.. Corey Greer, Treasure Island Florida, four months old, ca 1985,dehydration

86.. Gage Guillen, Boston Massachusetts,three years old, 1995, strangulation

87.. Darvell Gulley, Lincoln Nebraska,thirteen years old, April 27 2002,restraint

88.. Savannah Brianna Marie Hall, Prince George British Columbia, September 9 1997 – January 21 2001, malnutrition/restraint

89.. Latiana Hamilton, Jacksonville Florida, seventeen months old,July 18 2001, drowning

90.. Mykeeda Hampton, District of Columbia, two years old, August 1997,battered

91.. Kelly M Hancock, Malden Massachusetts, November 6 1985 – July 18 2000, stabbed

92.. Laura Hanson, West Palm Beach Florida, May 17 1981 – November 19 1998,restraint

93.. Jerrell Hardiman, La Porte Indiana, four years old, October ca 1993, exposure

94.. Diane Harris, Seguin Texas, seventeen years old, April 11 1990, restraint

95.. Jessica Albina Hagmann, Prince William County Virginia, two years old, August 11 2003, smothered

96.. Letia Harrison, Akron Ohio, October 23 1999 – September 19 2002, baked in attic

97.. Jordan Heikamp, Toronto Ontario, May 19 1997 – June 23 1997, starvation

98.. Eric Hernandez, Cedar Hill Texas, January 6 1999 – March 7 1999, suffocation

99.. Zachary Higier, Massachusetts, May 24 2000 – August 15 2002, battered

100.. Dwight Hill, Tucson Arizona, four months old, November 16 2005, cause unknown

101.. Nina Victoria Hilt né¥ Vika Bazhenova, Manassas Virginia, thirty three months old, July 2 2005, battered

102.. Steven A Hoffa, Des Moines Iowa, February 4 1993 – May 18 1996, battered

103.. Richard (Ricky) Holland, Williamston Michigan, September 8 1997 – July 2005, battered

104.. Michael Anthony Hughes, Choctaw Oklahoma, March 21 1988 – September 12 1994, kidnap/missing

105.. Joseph (Joey) Huot, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, two years old, January 27 1988, battered

106.. Dion Jack, Sproat Lake British Columbia, six years old, March 1 2006,untreated seizure

107.. Walter Jackson, Chicago Illinois,ten months old, August 9 2005, battered

108.. Dominic James, Springfield Missouri, June 4 2000 – August 21 2002, battered

109.. Billie-Jo Jenkins, Hastings East Sussex England, thirteen years old, February 1997, battered

110.. Demetrius Jeffries, Crockett Texas,seventeen years old, August 26 1997,strangulation

111.. Dontel Jeffers, Boston Massachusetts, four years old, March 6 2005, battered

112.. Stephanie Jobin, Brampton Ontario,thirteen years old, June 21 1998,restraint

113.. Aaron Johnson, Boston Massachusetts, fifteen months old, 1987,poison

114.. Xolani Nkosi Johnson, Cape town South Africa, twelve years old, June 2 2001, AIDS

115.. Elijah James Johnson, Los Angeles California, three years old,May 10 1999,scalded

116.. Lorenzo Johnson, Queen Creek Arizona, 17 years old – June 27, 1994,drowned during escape

117.. Quartrina K (Snappy) Johnson, Pikesville Maryland, December 25 1988-July 20 2004, beaten and choked

118.. Christal Jones, New York City (Vermont ward), May 24 1984 – January 3 2001, suffocation

119.. David L Jones, Chicago Illinois, April 15 1992 – March 7 1998, battered

120.. Dennis Jurgens né Serry Sherwood, White Bear Lake Minnesota, three years old, April 11 1965, battered

121.. Marissa (Shorty) Karp, Pompano Beach Florida, December 6 1985 – August 19 2002,gunshot

122.. David Ryan Keeley, New Haven Connecticut, six years old, August 12 1998, battered

123.. Ashley Keen, Lake Butler Florida,thirteen years old, January 25 2006,traffic accident

124.. Cassandra Killpack, Springville Utah, November 29 1997 – June 9 2002,water therapy

125.. Ahmad King né ‘awls, Alma Georgia,three years old, January 24 2006, homicide

126.. Heather Michell Kish, Berlin Township Michigan, September 15 1987 –found October 6 2002, murdered

127.. Noah Knapp, Marysville Washington, six years old, May 30 2005, automobile collision

128.. Zaire Knott, Newark New Jersey, September 16 2005 – October 20 2005, cause unknown

129.. Anatoli Kolenda, Westfield Massachusetts, May 20 1991 – October 20 2002, stabbing

130.. Yana Kolenda, Westfield Massachusetts, December 31 1990 – October 20 2002, stabbing

131.. Anthony Lamb, Lake Butler Florida, twenty months old, January 25 2006,traffic accident

132.. Keisha Shardae Lane, Hagerstown Maryland, fifteen years old, August 17 2005, gunshot

133.. Shawn Lawrence né ndy Mohler, Shelton Washington, ten years old, October 9 1999, drowning

134.. Brittany Legler, Millcreek Pennsylvania, fifteen years old, May 9 2004, battered

135.. Jacob Lindorff, Franklin Township New Jersey, five years old December 14 2001, battered

136.. Christian Liz, New York City,three weeks old, November 29 2004,suffocation

137.. James Lonnee, Guelph/Hamilton Ontario, sixteen years old, September 7 1996, beaten by cellmate

138.. Gregory Love, Florida, twenty three months old, April 2005, head injury

139.. Nikki Lutke, Cheyenne Wyoming,five years old, August 28 2003, drowning

140.. Zachary James Lyons, Winston-Salem North Carolina, January 24 1992 – October 8 1996, battered

141.. Shaquella Mance, Belton South Carolina, seven months old, March 27 2005,battered

142.. Elizabeth Mann, Lake Butler Florida, fifteen years old, January 25 2006, traffic accident

143.. Heaven Mann, Lake Butler Florida,three years old, January 25 2006, traffic accident

144.. Johnny Mann, Lake Butler Florida,thirteen years old, January 25 2006,traffic accident

145.. Cynthia Nicole (Nicki) Mann, Lake Butler Florida, fifteen years old, January 25 2006, traffic accident

146.. Logan Marr, Chelsea Maine, October 14 1995 – January 31 2001, asphyxiation

147.. Stephanie Martinez, Pueblo Colorado, five years old, December 31 2001, untreated burns

148.. Tiffany Laverne Mason, Folsom California, June 11 1986 – August 9 2001,battered

149.. Viktor Alexander Matthey né – Sergeyevich Tulimov, Hunterdon County New Jersey, six years old, October 31 2000,hypothermia

150.. Dominic Matz, Osawatomie Kansas, July 6 2002 – February 15 2004, treatment withheld

151.. Jamie Mayne, Atascadero California, March 24 1995 – February 10 2000, battered

152.. Kristal Mayon-Ceniceros, Chula Vista California, sixteen years old, February 5 1999, restraint

153.. Emily Ann Mays, Tucson Arizona,sixteen months old, August 24 2005,battered

154.. Andrew McClain, Bridgeport Connecticut, December 6 1986 – March 22 1998, restraint

155.. Cory Bradley McLaughlin, North Carolina, four years old, July 4 1997,battered

156.. Jerry McLaurin, Brownwood Texas,fourteen years old, November 2 1999,restraint

157.. Maria Mendoza, Katy Texas, fourteen years old, October 12 2002,restraint

158.. Caleb Jerome Merchant, Edmonton Alberta, thirteen months old, November 26, 2005, battered

159.. Denis Merryman né .ritsky, Harford County Maryland, eight years old, January 2005, starvation

160.. Jacob Miller, Georgia, twenty two months old, November 20 1997, battered

161.. Clayton Miracle, Georgia, three years old, August 11 1993, battered

162.. Hanna Denise Montessori, Santa Ana California, March 16 1988 – January 19 2004, homicide/head-injury

163.. Alfredo Montez, Auburndale Florida, two years old, July 1 2002,battered

164.. Zachary Moran, Charlotte North Carolina, fourteen months old, August 8 2003, battered

165.. Christina Morlan, Scott County Iowa, September 3 2003 – November 30 2003,unknown

166.. Carlyle Mullins, Nashville Tennessee, five years old, May 27 2005,battered

167.. Cedrick Napoleon, Killeen Texas, June 26 1987 – March 7 2002, restraint

168.. Candace Newmaker né¥ C Tiara Elmore, Colorado, November 19 1989 – April 19 2000, re-birth asphyxiation

169.. Jonathan Nichol, Cook County Illinois, two years old, June 16 1995,drowning

170.. Trevor Nolan, Mono County California, five years old, April 12 1997,treatment withheld

171.. Sierra Odom, Arlington Texas,three years old, August 11 2005, battered

172.. Keron Owens, Walterboro South Carolina, three years old, January 19 1992, battered

173.. Sean Paddock né ?ord, Johnston County North Carolina, four years old, February 26 2006, battered

174.. Omar Paisley, Miami Florida,seventeen years old, June 2003, untreated appendicitis

175.. Terrell Parker, Buffalo New York,two years old, 2003, battered

176.. Travis Parker, Cleveland Georgia,thirteen years old, April 21 2005,restraint

177.. Alex Pavlis, Schaumburg Illinois,six years old, December 19 2003, battered

178.. Dawn Renay Perry, Manvel Texas,sixteen years old, April 10 1993,restraint

179.. Angellica Pesante, Seneca County New York, four years old, April 18 1997, battered

180.. Terrell Peterson, Atlanta Georgia,five years old, January 16 1998, battered

181.. Cynteria Phillips, Miami Florida, December 10 1986 – August 14 2000,rape/murder

182.. Marguerite Pierre, West Orange New Jersey, five years old, December 2005,poison

183.. Emporia Pirtle, Indiana, six years old, November 11 1996, battered

184.. Jason Plischkowsky, Southampton England, May 25 1985 – December 19 1986,head injury

185.. Huntly Tamati Pokaia, New Zealand,three years old 

186.. David Polreis, Greeley Colorado, two years old, February 6 1996, battered

187.. Maryah Ponce, Rialto California, December 5 1997 – June 29 2001, baked in car

188.. Constance S Porter, Kearney Missouri, July 20 1998 – February 12 2001,battered

189.. Dakota Denzel Prince-Smith, Lancaster California, five years old, July 8 2003, baked in car

190.. Nehamiah Nate Prince-Smith, Lancaster California, three years old, July 8 2003, baked in car

191.. Karen Quill, St Louis Saskatchewan, twenty months old,September 13 1997, internal injuries

192.. Rodrigo Armando Rameriez Jr, Victorville California, eighteen months old, July 6 2001, drowning

193.. Stephanie Ramos, New York City,eight years old, July 9 2005,dumped in garbage can

194.. Bobby Jo Randolph, Houston Texas,seventeen years old, September 26 1996,asphyxiation

195.. Jacquelyn Reah, Grand Rapids Michigan, ten years old, November 27 2004,runaway / hit by car

196.. Latayna Reese, Bradenton Florida,fifteen years old, April 1996

197.. Caprice Reid, New York City, four years old, June 1997, starved and battered

198.. Jonathan Reid, Gardena California,nine years old, June 9 1997treatment withheld

199.. Matthew Reid, Welland Ontario,three years old, December 15 2005,suffocation

200.. Dustin Rhodes, Litchfield Park Arizona, nine years old, August 13 2003,battered

201.. Eric Roberts, Keene Texas, June 16 1979 – February 22 1996, restraint

202.. Ana Rogers, Sparks Nevada, four months old, July 2005, pre-existing injury

203.. Genevieve “Genny” Rojas, Chula Vista California, four years old, July 21 1995, starvation, scalded

204.. Paola Rosales, Milton Ontario,fourteen years old, July 3 2001, suicide

205.. Kyle Anthony Ross, Massachusetts, September 7 1995 – June 9 2001, rottweiler

206.. Marlon Santos, Worcester Massachusetts, five months old, November 5 1998, missing

207.. Andres E Saragos, Warm Springs Oregon, August 5 1995 – July 13 2000,baked in car

208.. Gina M Score, Plankinton South Dakota, May 7 1985 – July 21 1999, baked by boot camp

209.. Caprice Scott, Florida, infant, 1999, mother in foster care

210.. Ryan Scott, Sheffield Lake Ohio,two years old, March 27 1998, battered

211.. Krystal Scurry, Aiken County South Carolina, February 1989 – November 2 1991,rape/murder

212.. Andrew (Andy) Setzer, California, April 27 1995 – August 2 1999, battered

213.. Ariel Shaw, Bibb County Georgia,nineteen months old, January 26 2000,battered

214.. Vivan Uk Sheppard, Jacksonville Florida, eight months old, May 15 1999,suffocation

215.. Joseph H Shriver, Pennsylvania, March 2 1997 – October 5 1997, battered

216.. Quincey L Simmons, Omaha Nebraska, August 21 1997 – March 24 2001, battered

217.. Christopher Simpson, Michigan,seven years old, November 14 1998, fire

218.. Jordan Simpson Howell Morrison II, Howell Michigan, five years  old, November 14 1998, fire

219.. Nicole Simpson , Michigan, seven years old, November 14 1998, fire

220.. Devin A Slade, Milwaukee Wisconsin, October 23 2000 – June 19 2001,asphyxiation

221.. John Smith, Fishersgate England, four years old, December 24 1999, battered and bitten

222.. Mikinah Smith, Cincinnati Ohio,one year old, March 18 2003, battered

223.. Tristan Sovern, Greensboro North Carolina, sixteen years old, March 4 1998, restraint

224.. Jushai Spurgeon, North Las Vegas Nevada, fourteen months old, April 3 2005,scalding

225.. LeRon St John, Detroit Michigan,fifteen years old, March 1 2003, untreated tuberculosis

226.. Lloyd Stamp, Edmonton Alberta, seventeen years old, September 29, 2005,suicide

227.. Tommy Stacey, Carmichael California, three months old, January 3 2005, SIDS

228.. Elizabeth (Lisa) Steinberg né¥ Launders, New York City, May 14 1981 – November 4 1987, battered

229.. Yasmin Taylor, Paterson New Jersey, seven months old, May 8 1994,virus

230.. Lakeysha Tharp, Irmo South Carolina, six months old, April 7 2004, asphyxiation

231.. Adam Michael Thimyan, Riverview Florida, October 2 1986 – April 3 2004,gunshot

232.. Timithy Thomas, Banner Elk North Carolina, nine years old, March 11 1999,restraint

233.. Liam Thompson né “mitry S Ishlankulov, Columbus Ohio, October 3 1999 – October 3 2002, scalding

234.. Michael Tinning, Schenectady New York, two years old, March 2 1981,asphyxiation

235.. Kelly Ann Tozer, Egg Harbor City New Jersey, eighteen months old, July 30 2005, drowning

236.. Patrick Trauffler, Phoenix Arizona, six weeks old, February 18 2003,battered

237.. Demetrius Tyler, Johnson City Tennessee, six months old, November 10 2004, drowning

238.. Tyler Vanpopering, Southgate Michigan, September 23 2003 – April 14 2004, battered

239.. Jacqueline Venay, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, six years old, September 21 1998, battered

240.. George Walker III, DeKalb County Georgia, ten months old, November 7, 2002,choking

241.. Michelle Walton, Boston Massachusetts, October 6 1994,asphyxiation

242.. Erickyzha Warner, Utica New York, July 19 2002 – May 31, 2004, untreated burns

243.. Shane Devell Washington, Fresno California, fifteen months old, circa 1996, drowning

244.. Evan Watkins, Las Vegas Nevada,twenty one months old, July 11 1996,battered

245.. Devin Wilder, Cleveland Ohio, July 29 1998 – April 21 2001, battered

246.. Dominic J Williams, Saint Louis Missouri, June 8 1987 – June 3 2004,strangulation

247.. Andrew Wilson, Owensboro Kentucky,three years old, August 7 2005, drowning

248.. Lorenzo J Wilson, Seattle Washington, January 29 2004 – October 22 2004, battered

249.. Rilya Wilson, Florida, born September 29 1996, disappeared 2001

250.. Michael Spencer Wiltsie, Silver Springs Florida, September 18 1987 – February 5, 2000, restraint

251.. Jimmy Allan Wood, Adams County Colorado, fourteen years old, November 13 2002, drug overdose

252.. Jonnie Wood, Springdale Arkansas,eight years old, August 13 2005, drowning

253.. Braxton D Wooden, Missouri, May 15 1997 – June 2 2005, gunshot

254.. Donte L Woods, West Palm Beach Florida, February 25 1986 – May 27 2002,gunshot

255.. Thomas (T J) Wright, Providence Rhode Island, three years old, October 31 2004, battered

256.. Willie Wright, San Antonio Texas,fourteen years old, March 4 2000,restraint

257.. Rufus Manzie Young Jr, Michigan,four years old, April 6 2003, battered

What’s the Minimum?

Accountability in the foster care system – is there such a thing?

Who makes sure that children removed from their own homes receive SUPERIOR care by comparison?

MINIMUM STANDARDS regulating the Texas Foster Care System

If a child is removed from his/her home, that child should be placed in a home or facility that EXCEEDS the standard of care given in the home the child is removed from.


Why would the government child welfare system workers remove a child in the name of “child protective services” only to place him in a WORSE situation?



Unconditional love

Every night at 8:00 pm he’d call me
Every night at 8pm
my world stopped
No matter where I was
or what I was doing
At 8pm
I was safe and sound
at home
Getting ready for bed
& he loved me.
I’d hang up the phone
and reconsider my life for a brief moment
as I rationalized the
lies I told
So he wouldn’t worry about me
So he could sleep
They were good lies
Then I remember
So vividly
The first time that call didn’t come.
I had no choice but to sit idly by
As the truth was told
i was in jail
He took a bus,
He was denied a visit with arriving during off hours
But he insisted and got angry
slapped his bar card
on the jailers desk.
They complied with him
He was an attorney after all.
I cried as I saw him
Sitting on the other side of the glass
In the form of a fragile old man
who shookfrom Parkinson’s
Who had the most beautiful soul
He was so frail and full of
honesty and love.
he said to me
“I knew something was wrong”
84years of life and wisdom-
The latter half of that life
he had held the purest
most perfect & unconditional love for me.

“I called all night”

As he told me, all I could do was cry, thinking of how many nights I lied
But that day, i would have given anything to be
safe and sound
at home, getting ready for bed.
he made that happen, he posted my bond that afternoon just to be able
to call me at 8pm that night.
He was tired and needed sleep
I told him I was gettng ready for bed
(Actually, I hadn’t made it home yet).
I thanked him for my freedom and said I was sorry he had to see me in jail
He told me he loved me more than ever before, especially when I made mistakes because love like his came from God, was unconditional, and needed to be stronger when I messed up, in order to get me through the harder times in life. We all need love too make it through this life.
I was an imperfect human and would surely make mistakes .
After all. Mistakes are there for us to learn from, it didn’t mean I wasnt still worthy of being loved, it meant I needed more love. He said no matter how old I got, or what happened,   I’d always be his little girl. He loved me.

Then I so vividly remember
the second time the call didn’t come.
It was 8pm
May 11;2010
I knew it wouldn’t come and I didn’t know what to do.
I stared at the phone all night.
I shouldn’t bother being near a phone, I told myself, but I had to, just in case, somehow, there was a way
If there was a way, we had promised to find the way.
I didn’t cry though. Not then .
I knew he loved me
I knew that love would never come from anyone else
I knew he’d sleep that night and every night,and i knew he wouldn’t worry about me anymore
I knew I’d never have to lie to him again because
he’d never call again
At 8pm
,& tell me he loves me.
Happy Birthday, Daddy
I love you so much
I miss you even more
I miss knowing
would always be there for me
And if you couldn’t be there for me,
you would look for a way
to get to me.
I miss your calls at 8pm.
Knowing every day that I wasn’t alone
in this world, even rho now I am.
alone in this world.
Why is it that way, daddy?
You’re the only one whose love never failed.
That no natter.what I did,
where I went,
how I looked,
How I felt,
It mattered not

You were there
each night
who had to tell me you loved me just so I’d know,
‘Just in case’
  you’d say.
in case you didn’t wake up.
I was so lucky to have someone who’d call me
just hear my voice in order to find peace
enough to sleep
sound. Someone who would check on me
To make sure I was OK.
Never forgetting
Never being too busy
I’m not OK without you
I miss much.
Have you found our perfect tree yet?
I know you’re waiting for me to build our tree house
in Heaven.
Until I get there Daddy please watch over my children.
I don’t know how to call them at 8pm to tell them they are not alone in this world. To make sure they’re OK.
Will you do that for me until I get there,  please? Thank you Daddy.
I can’t wait to see you again.
Love, you’re little girl



Plano firefighter accused of fondling children neighbors at McKinney home

Chris Beattie,
Jan 8, 2016 

Courtesy of Collin County
Larry Edward Combest

A Plano firefighter was arrested this week and accused of fondling multiple children at his McKinney home.

Larry Edward Combest, 45, is charged with aggravated  indecency with a child and attempted indecency with a child for incidents that allegedly occurred at his home in recent months. He was subsequently charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child after detectives connected him to an offense from about 10 years ago in Wylie.

Combest, a lieutenant with Plano Fire-Rescue, has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the investigation.

On Dec. 10, a fellow Plano firefighter told detectives he believed Combest “could have possibly been inappropriately touching two young boys in his neighborhood,” according to an arrest warrant affidavit. The firefighter advised police that the boys’ stepmother could provide details.

The day before, McKinney Police had been notified of a child victim’s outcry alleging the abuse. Police determined that Combest, who has a child close in age to the victims, would occasionally watch the alleged victims overnight.

The two boys’ stepmother told detectives “something wasn’t right” about Combest, their neighbor, “freakishly controlling them and constantly texting them,” the affidavit states. The boys told her in late November that Combest forces them to sleep in his bed and touches them.

When the boys’ father stopped allowing them to go to Combest’s home, the suspect began begging the boys to come over and play with his sons, according to the affidavit.

In ensuing forensic interviews, one boy recounted how in October, while sleeping on Combest’s bed, he was awoken by Combest fondling him over his clothes at least three times. The other boy said Combest had “touched his bladder” aan his fingers down his back and touched his bare buttocks, according to the affidavit.

Police arrested Combest on Dec. 21 and charged him with indecency with a child. Upon his arrest, detectives tied him to “an additional offense” that happened in Wylie about 10 years ago, McKinney Police spokeswoman Officer Sabrina Boston stated in a release.

On Tuesday, police added an indecency with a child charge against Combest. He is being held at the Collin County jail on a total bond of $850,000.

Combest joined Plano Fire-Rescue in May 2002 after serving with the Corpus Christi Fire Department for more than five years. He is assigned to the Plano department’s Training Section.

McKinney Police is requesting anyone with relevant information to contact Detective Jason Pruett at

Children On Drugs

7.5% of Children 6-17 Given Psychotropic Medication

According to a study released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention 7.5% of children ages 6-17 were prescribed medication for “emotional or behavioral difficulties” during a 6 month period from 2010-2011. More than half the parents of these children reported that the medication helped “a lot”.

In addition those children enrolled in Medicaid or Child Health Plus were more likely to be prescribed medication as were children whose families were 100% below the poverty line.

Male patients were prescribed medication significantly more than their female counterparts at a rate of 9.7% vs. 5.2%. …

Full Story @
#PsychotropicMedications, #Youth

Parental Kidnapping Is Child Abuse

Parental child abduction is child abuse – reblogged from this site.

ABP World Group is a Global Security and Child Recovery Organization

Our intelligence and investigative capabilities combined with our ability to dispatch personnel to most locations in the world offers a safe and strategic solution to protecting what is most important to you, your child and/or children.

Unfortunately in the present climate, parental kidnapping occurs all too frequently and we are here to help you through what can be an extremely traumatic time.

We are aware that parental child abductions can be difficult to resolve but through the use of professional operatives we work hard to find a solution. We collaborate with numerous organizations to help return your child safely and as soon as possible.

ABP World Group’s successful recovery and reunification strategies rely on the use of all means available, including but not limited to:

Electronic forensic footprint investigationsIntelligence gatheringInformation specialistsCollecting evidenceSpecial surveillance opsDomestic supportInternational operationsSea/Land/Air transportGPS tracking

Although there are various civil remedies available to parents of abducted children, the challenges regarding parental abduction are enormous, including first and foremost, locating  the child.

Unfortunately for the majority of targeted parents, the financial burden involved in recovery and litigation falls upon their shoulders. With tens of thousands of children abducted by parents each year, the reality is that too many of these children never come home.  ABP World Group is dedicated to assisting those parents who need help in locating, rescuing, and returning  their abducted child home safely. We offer worldwide services regarding parental abduction or recovery
of children that has suffered from parental kidnapping.

ABP World Group™ Risk Management

Skype: abpworld

NOTE: We are always available 24/7