A Petition for Justice – Please Sign and Share

Petition for Justice For Victims of Arson

To my readers: I am the owner of Its Almost Tuesday. I’ve been through a lot in my life and have survived plenty. I need your help. Justice is once again sought in my life, against an arsonist who deliberately burned down my house a year ago. I’ve realised how quickly life can change in the blink of an eye and how depending on the system to make things right is like clapping in the wind.

Please take a moment to visit my petition I have started for more change in the system.

My husband and I were not home during the fire, but our dog was. We did not have renters insurance. We lost everything.

When we applied for help with Crime Victims Assistance we were told we are not eligible for help because we were not legally defined as injured, since we weren’t home or burned . We were left homeless though which has proven to be an injury far deeper than a burn. It is ongoing. It is discriminated against. It is shamed.

We deserve justice for help to find closure and healing.

Please share and sign our petition.

Thank you,


It’s Almost Tuesday



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