A Bridge (a poem about parental alienation)


Her teardrops sting .
The wind splashes them from her eyes and across her cheeks.

His lips tells lies each time he smiles.

She is a woman, inconsolably weeping.

He was her child, interrupted.

Both of them have stood alone on a dock for over ten years

They are both brow beaten with thickened tears that eventually have learned not to fall.
(it hurts)

She has become a snake in the wild, that was once tame.

He is an untrained champion fighter, without gloves & his anger is unrestrained.

Her thoughts are stolen instruments that will never be played.

His wants are muted dub-step songs, quieted but so enraged

They both wander through their lives. -wondering-
What if it hadn’t happened that way.

She screams at night.

He dreams of ending life.

She is stalled.
Motionless, in her sentiment.

He is grown up.

Alienated- full of angst and discontent.

Each day they both live as detached from themselves as they can.

With cynical views of the world, they both see life through misanthropic eyes now.

They do not recognize how paralyzing their pain really is.
Or how paralleled an existence they both live … to each other.
their lives are mirrored …
yet each day is futile at best to them.

The future is merely a continuation of …
or rather an extension of …

carried over
from a place
so deep inside
that they helplessly stand,
alone, on this dock to
painfully remember
the waiting
& the wishing
They both have one thought…
if only there were a bridge built for them to cross over
just one time
to reach each other again… What if…?
He does not know how she can still hear him cry and that all she wants is a chance to tell him –
he is not motherless.

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