Parental Alienation *Described*

Emotional Butterfly

by Dr. Reena Sommer

The Parental Alienation Syndrome (P.A.S.) is the extreme end of a custody battle gone “real bad”. P.A.S. is a most negative consequence of an increasing number of high conflict divorces. In these cases, children become the victims of a relentless and destructive “tug of war” between their parents. It is a war that children cannot win or defend themselves against. It is a war where the “enemy” (the alienating parent) is someone whom the children dearly love and depend upon for their needs to be met. For children, PAS is about loss, insecurity, fear, confusion, sadness, hopelessness and despair. In fact, some experts consider PAS to be a form of child abuse because:

  • it robs children of the security provided by the bond they once shared with the targeted parent
  • it embeds in children’s minds falsehoods about…

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One thought on “Parental Alienation *Described*

  1. As the targeted parent, I know far too well the pain and grief that comes along with losing your child to a mean, vile, vindictive, malicious ex. It only compounds the situation when the ex brainwashes the child into hating you, convinces the child you hate them, you neglected them, you never wanted them. Then to use the child as a way to continue the pain by constantly reminding you and teasing you and showing you that you will never be able to have a relationship with your child.


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