Breaking The Silence – Childrens’ Stories

Breaking the Silence: Children’s Stories

8 min 3 sec – Feb 9, 2006
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Description: This is an eight minute excerpt of the program that aired on Public Television in October of 2005. The documentary tells the stories of children who are taken away from their protective mothers.

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(PBS; October 2001)
An hour-long national documentary that takes an innovative look at domestic violence in America, demonstrating the ways victims are breaking the destructive cycle of abuse and creating healthy, stable lives. Domestic violence defies easy categorization by race, age, economic or social standing. It happens to a disturbing number of women and children, and until recent years, has been cloaked in a blanket of silence. Rather than document the tragic circumstances of domestic violence cases, the program focuses on the process through which victims become survivors, offering domestic violence sufferers, policymakers, and concerned citizens examples of how to fight this devastating problem.
(NCFR Media Awards Competition — Runner-Up; DSA Vision for Tomorrow Award)


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